SynapOne’s information management and data analytics solutions deliver tangible results. Our goal is to provide our clients with a holistic approach to source, integrate, enrich, and share vital information across their enterprise.

  • Our proprietary Advanced Analytics frameworks lead to faster speed, greater consistency, and greater quality
  • SynapOne’s Advanced Analytics strategy helps you extract maximum value from your data, no matter where it resides or what format it takes.
  • Our analytics experts work closely with you to tackle your most daunting challenges.

Our Advanced Analytics practice helps you perform

Our Advanced Analytics practice helps you perform

Data Discovery & Management

Understanding the data journey from the cradle to the grave. We provide a comprehensive and systematic review of an organization's data journey from its original source, format all the way through to its retention, and storage. Our service is designed to give business confidence that the data used for decision-making is clean, accurate, valid & maintained appropriately.


Business Intelligence

We deliver actionable insights to your business users while working with a variety of existing Business Intelligence Platforms to ensure your users have access to the right information to support better decision making. Our service extends to the creation of standardized reports, ad-hoc queries, real-time interactive dashboards, and various system automation.


Building an Analytics Function

We create and maintain a successful analytics function in your business which involves the planning and implementation of an analytics function (either new or existing) within an organization. It covers all facets such as creating the right structure that fits your company’s needs, role definitions, skillset requirements, and change management to increase acceptance and adoption within the business.


IOT & Big Data

SynapOne has a mature Big Data team that has architected and deployed large-scale Big Data ecosystems and applications for various organizations. Our expertise spans every aspect of Big Data including the underlying open source technologies and the leading platforms. Our unbiased perspective – and ability to both architect & build enterprise solutions – will dramatically hasten your Big Data time-to-value.

In today’s digital world, data, analytics and AI play a key role in transforming native business operations, creating new business models and unleashing process improvements. SynapOne’s data analytics and AI services, enable organizations to deliver value across the customers’ journey by empowering users with more agile and intuitive processes.

advance analytics data

Pattern Recognition involves analyzing data with sophisticated algorithms to unlock hidden connections and well-concealed patterns that would be impossible to detect with the human eye or traditional methods.

Traditional analysis only provides a view of the past or relies on simple statistics for estimates of the future. Artificial Intelligence enables much more accurate predictions and the ability to provide recommendations for positively impacting the future.

This is one of the latest innovations in Artificial Intelligence, where machines can analyze and interpret images and videos.

SynapOne delivers Robotics and Artificial Intelligence-based hardware and software solutions that empower organizations to gain new insight, solve complex challenges, and fuel new business ideas at a reduced cost. Whether it is any given part of an AI solution that includes Machine Learning (ML) to make predictions or decisions without programming, Natural Language Processing (NLP) for speech recognition, Computer Vision (CV) for facial recognition, or developing Digital Assistants like Siri or Alexa, SynapOne has experience in all these areas.

SynapOne has developed 2 fully functional AI products (CoVIPS and iSense) that help combat the COVID epidemic using ML, RPA, NLP, CV, and Digital Assistants.